First Year Fêtes

Gallery of cake smash images by Natasha Saravanja, San Francisco Baby & Family Photographer.

First Year Fêtes

Let Them Eat Cake!

Congratulations on making it to your Bébé's first year milestone! And what better way to commemorate the event than treating your Little One to a birthday feast! Whether it's a candied confection or something a little less traditional, I'll work with you to design a photoshoot that's tailor-made to your family.

Sessions are $250, and include a mini photoshoot beforehand, so your baby gets used to me and the camera, then followed by a food smash of some kind. Sessions that take place in my home studio also include a bubble or milk bath, so your Little One can be squeaky clean for the ride home. Outdoor sessions are only offered during certain months of the year due to the unpredictability of San Francisco weather. First year celebrations typically last 45-60 minutes and include use of any of my props and outfits, plus 20-30 beautifully-edited watermarked images, with the option to purchase additional prints and/or products.

Recent sessions are featured below:

A Winter Wonderland for Isa

  • 1 Precious little girl

  • 1 Naked vanilla cake

  • 5 Bunches of evergreen branches

  • A Dash of wintry greens

  • A Sprinkle of white flowers

  • Pinecones to taste

  • Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse off in a bubble bath

A Boho Birthday for Scarlett & Levi

  • One rambunctious set of twins

  • 1 Vanilla cream cake

  • 4 Eucalyptus branches

  • 3 Cups hydrangea, peony, and rose blossoms

  • One boho tent

  • Soak in a milk bath for 10 minutes


A Simple & Sweet Cake Smash for Ray

  • 1 Happy, hungry baby boy

  • 1 Homemade cake banner

  • 1 Sweet potato cake with vanilla cream icing

  • 1 Bunch of yellow flowers

  • 1 Antique clock

  • A Pinch of burlap

  • Finish with a side of sunflower-infused milk

A Teddy Bear's Picnic for Cole

  • 1 Adorable one year old

  • 1 Cuddly teddy bear

  • 1 Beautiful fall evening

  • 1 Scrumptious vanilla cake

  • And a splash of golden hour light



Gemma's Pink Pumpkin Cake Smash

  • 1 Adorable soon-to-be toddler

  • 1 Dozen hand-painted pumpkins in assorted colours

  • 3 Balloons

  • 1 Custom pink ombre fondant cake

  • 2 Tsps of cuteness

The Twinucci Spaghetti Smash

  • 1 Set of hungry twins

  • 1 Pound of spaghetti noodles

  • 3 Cups of homemade spaghetti sauce

  • 4 Leaves of basil

  • Simmer for 10 minutes in a bubble bath

Lennox Turns One!

  • 1 Little boy with a big sweet tooth

  • 1 Homemade blue fondant cake

  • 3 Tbsp of love

  • 1 amazing hour of fun!