There is nothing more profound than the love we have for our children and families. There is nothing more pure than a child’s wonderment in exploring the world around them. My aim with each session is to capture all the innocence and fascination within our children,and show the world how beautiful you and your babies are.

Let’s create some magic together!



Newborn Session $400

Your family is about to welcome a brand new human into the fold, and you want to remember every little hair, roll, and wrinkle as it was when they first entered the world.

20-25 timeless photos of your perfect newborn.

Please contact me while you are still pregnant, or as soon as possible, to reserve your spot.


Maternity Session $350

The pitter-patter of little feet are soon to be echoing through your home. Commemorate your growing bump and this special time in your life, with a photoshoot with you as the star!

20 glorious images of you and your baby belly.

Please contact me as early in your pregnancy as possible to reserve your spot.


First Year Fête $350

Your baby is, or is almost, a toddler, and you all survived! Celebrate their first year milestone in epic fashion.

30 celebratory images to honour your wild child.


Baby/Toddler Session $350

Everything your child sees is worth exploring! Showcase your Little Sprout as the playful, curious beings that they are.

20 magical images to immortalize your growing child.


Simple Family Session $350

Perfect to showcase the deep love between you and your babies.

20 beautifully-edited images to cherish together forever.

**Special pricing can be arranged when purchasing more than one session at a time**