Model Call Template Page


It’s a Model Call!


I’m taking my photography to a whole new level, and a brand new direction! In order to to expand my portfolio with my latest style, I need the help of you and your Littles.

***Please see below if we are a good fit!***

Info on how to apply is at the bottom of the page.

The Deal:

  • All the offered sessions will take place outdoors, at one of several exquisite San Francisco locations

  • Dates are flexible, but will take place between February 1st and 20th, 2019

  • Sessions will take place just after sunrise, or right before sunset, when the light is soft and delicious

  • I will assist with posing and I will have an assistant on-hand to help with sessions featuring younger children

  • Babies & Maternity Models will be wearing the outfits I provide, and Parents should have their outfits okayed by me prior to your session; Props will also be provided from my studio

  • Parents must sign a model release, as these images will be used on my website, marketing materials, and social media accounts (i.e. Facebook & Instagram)

  • Models must not have any existing contract or upcoming photoshoot with another photographer

  • In gratitude for your time and cooperation, you will receive 3-5 beautifully-edited images to share and cherish forever

  • You will also be given a 15% discount on any future session booked with me



Session 1: Mum & Newborn - 6 Weeks New

Perfect for Mothers who missed out on having newborn photos done, and would like some professional portraits taken of Her and Baby

  • Mum should consult with me regarding her outfit. Baby will be dressed in a very snuggly outfit

  • Please let me know if you’d like to be photographed breastfeeding (by no means is this mandatory though!)

Session 2: Sitting Baby, 6-8 Months Old

A superb way to celebrate one of your Baby’s important first milestones.

  • Baby can be older or younger than the suggested age, just so long as they are able to sit unassisted, and are not yet walking (crawling is A-OK)

  • Baby will be dressed in one of my beautiful outfits, and will handle props that I provide for the session



Session 3: Siblings (Toddler + Sitting Baby)

Celebrate the love and fun shared between siblings with a party for two!

  • Toddler should be under the age of 3; Baby must be able to sit unassisted

  • Both Children will be provided with outfits and props from my studio

Session 4: Family of 3

Not your average family portrait. This will be art for the ages.

  • Child must be between 10 months and 3 years of age

  • Child will be provided with props and one of my gorgeous outfits, and parents should consult with me on their wardrobe prior to the session

  • Photos will be taken of baby alone, and with parents


Session 5: Maternity Session (2 Models Needed!)

Give your baby bump the attention it deserves, with this special session dedicated just for Mums-to-Be.

  • Models will be wearing one of my 2 gorgeous jewel-toned satin gowns. Gowns are sized Small to Medium

  • Models should be well in their third trimester with a clearly-defined baby bump

  • Hair should be neatly-styled, with ‘natural-looking’ makeup

  • Partners are welcome to join!

Still Interested?

Please go to my Facebook Page and comment on my Model Call post with the session you’d like, along with a picture of yourselves!

Only those chosen will be contacted. All others will be offered a 10% discount as a huge THANK YOU for applying.